The META Scholar Volume 1 | Page 2

TMS Editor Page 2 Editor’s Christopher Correll, MSIMT, CBET, A+ is a Clinical Engineer manager at Tyndall AFB, FL. He has 16+ years of Clinical Engineering experience with focus on patient safety, technology management, incident investigation, etc. His professional experience includes multi-account management and supervision, project management, safety, healthcare information technology, clinical research and investigation, and educational program development. He is an administrator for BMETWiki and additional education chair for META. Alberto Vasquez, MSMOT CCE, CRES, CLES, CBET, is a Clinical Engineer Program Director for the Biomedical Equipment Technology Program at Alamo Colleges in San Antonio, TX and new Clinical Engineering Information Technology marketable skills program at St Philips College. I am responsible for researching, planning and implementing the degree granting program and certificate program. The CEIT program includes course to qualify for the, A+, Net+ and Security+ certification exams, along with the fundamentals of medical devices. He is also a small business owner of Vascorp Clinical Engineering . He is also, education chair for META.