The Messiah Herald Issue 09 April 2018 | Page 6

COVER STORY COVER STORY THE TERRESTRIAL EGG H UMAN BEINGS ARE NOT JUST ONE body and one soul. Each of us is a compound of multiple spirits. 1 Out of all the souls in our body, the Spiritual Heart is the most important. Upon our birth in the world, the Spiritual Heart is unconscious; however, if revived, the Spiritual Heart is the key to unlocking your spiritual potential. Your Spiritual Heart is like the embryo inside a chicken egg. The embryo is encased in layers of membrane, egg white and eggshell; similarly, the Spiritual Heart, in a dormant state, is encased in esoteric veils. The layers of veils engulfing the Spiritual Heart are collectively known as The Terrestrial Egg. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi says, ‘You can compare individuals who are not aware of spirituality with somebody who is not aware of the properties of an egg.’ An egg is hatched by a hen; when it cracks open, a chick is born. But if someone were unaware of the properties of an egg, he’d never believe that a living being could come out of it. to rupture the layers of the eggshell. A Spiritual Guide provides divine energy to burn the layers of the Terrestrial Egg and liberate the Spiritual Heart. Its liberation is its rebirth. The revival of the Spiritual Heart is the second birth Lord Jesus spoke of. The first thing a chick does is chirp. It does not need to be taught to chirp because it is in its nature. Similarly, the Spiritual Heart, once liberated from the Terrestrial Egg, will invoke God because this is in its nature. This practice produces divine energy in the body. Your Spiritual Heart is an angelic entity made of light, but it looks just like you in appearance. With your physical eyes and ears, you cannot see or hear God. However, the Spiritual Heart can transport your prayers and the sentiments that you have for God to God. It is a bridge between you and God. Jesus said, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind. Love your neighbour as yourself.’ [LUKE 10:27] His Divine Eminence explains, ‘A hen’s egg has three layers upon it, whereas the Terrestrial Egg has 180 000 layers His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi upon it. In order to hatch a chick out declares, ‘You begin to love what of this egg, you need a hen. When the dwells in thy heart.’ egg is hatched, a chick will be born. In order to hatch the Terrestrial Egg, you When the Spiritual Heart’s invocation of God’s need a Spiritual Guide.’ name produces divine energy, it strengthens the There are layers of esoteric vices encasing your Spiritual Heart. 6 MESSIAH HERALD / ISSUE 09 / APR 2018 Eggshells are made of calcium carbonate. The layers of the Terrestrial Egg comprise different esoteric vices. There are 30 000 layers of false pride, 30 000 of jealousy, 30 000 of lust and so on upon the Spiritual Heart. Until the veils are removed, these vices remain part of one’s character. A hen provides the required amount of heat MESSIAH HERALD / ISSUE 09 / APR 2018 Spiritual Heart and brings God’s attributes into you. According to the Bible, ‘Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.’ [1 JOHN 4:8] Love is an attribute of God; with God’s name in your heart, you’ll become an embodiment of love. Then you will exhibit love for all of God’s creation. 1 Read more about the spirits and their functions on page 12. 7