The Messiah Herald Issue 09 April 2018 | Page 12

SELF-DISCOVERY HOW TO PURIFY YOUR INNER BEING B small feat. In the past, Inner Baptism was achieved only by the most dedicated of seekers - after they had completed extensive periods of austerity. However, thanks to the method introduced by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, it is now practically possible for the average person to purify their inner being. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi explains that a human is a compound of many spirits. Accompanying the Main Human Soul are six celestial spirits and one evil spirit. Five of the celestial spirits, including the Main Human Soul, are located in the human breast; the sixth celestial spirit is in the forehead. The evil spirit, known as the Carnal Self (or Ego) is found at the naval point. All these spirits are floating in your bloodstream and they all are unconscious within you, for except the Carnal Self. The celestial spirits are alien to this world; they each relate to one of the higher realms, for except the Carnal Self. The Carnal Self belongs to the phenomenal world. This explains why, by default, the Carnal Self is the only entity in you that has been fully functioning since your birth. The Carnal Self, being negative in nature, is the source of the Original Sin in you. It is only through spirituality that it can be turned towards God. When you go through Spiritual Rebirth, you awaken your Spiritual Heart, a celestial spirit that is located near your physical heart. Spiritual Rebirth is also known as the Opening of the Spiritual Heart. When your Spiritual Heart is awakened and engaged in the invocation of God’s name, it becomes a factory that produces divine energy. The sustenance of the celestial spirits is divine energy; they need it in order to be awakened, enlightened and empowered. It is also the substance that will purify the Carnal Self. The Spiritual Heart, when awakened, controls the physical heart. When the heart is teeming with divine energy, it, being a pumping station of blood, mixes the divine energy into the bloodstream. When this happens, divine energy will penetrate every inch of your body. This is how the other celestial spirits will eventually be awakened. Unlike the celestial spirits, the Carnal Self feeds on negative energy. Negative energy is readily available to it when you sin because the act of disobeying God generates negative energy. 12 ‘Awaken and enlighten your heart and it will rule your body.’ APTISM OF THE INNER SELF IS NO To obtain its sustenance, the Carnal Self pushes you towards all sorts of unsavoury activities . When your celestial spirits are enlightened and your Spiritual Heart is constantly producing divine energy, negative energy does not stay in you. The divine energy coursing through your veins nullifies it. Without its usual diet, the Carnal Self begins to starve and becomes weak. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi explains that at this point, your divinely anointed Spiritual Guide will communicate with the Carnal Self. He will offer divine energy to the Carnal Self; the Carnal Self, in order to survive, will begrudgingly take it. The Spiritual Guide gives the Carnal Self divine energy for three days. On the third day, he teaches your Carnal Self to invoke God’s name to generate divine energy as a steady source of sustenance. The Carnal Self then adopts this practice in order to survive. When divine energy is produced in the Carnal Self, it begins to be purified and aligned with God. When it is completely purified, it will no longer compel you to act immorally. This is when you will achieve Inner Baptism. MESSIAH HERALD / ISSUE 09 / APR 2018 #SOULSCIENCE