The Messiah Herald Issue 07 August 2017 - Page 8

THE IMMORTAL RELIGION Millions of light years before the Primordial Day ¹, God wished to see how beautiful he was. W HEN THIS THOUGHT CROSSED his mind, an embodiment of his beauty manifested before him: the Divine Reflection. When God saw his own reflection, he fell in love. This is why it is said in spiritualist circles that God himself is Love, Lover and Beloved. Love is the most ancient of God’s attributes and it pre-exists all creation. Divine love itself is the gist of all religions and the spiritual systems of every religion points aspirants towards God’s love. Now as the orthodox religions have failed humanity, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is introducing the Religion of God: rapturous love of God. Through the pure spiritual sciences, His Divine Eminence is inviting humankind to obtain God’s love regardless of their religious affiliation (or lack thereof). The Religion of God does not have anything to do with the bodies; rather, it is practised wholly by the souls. Since it is the Religion of God, it is immortal just like God. It existed before the beginning of time and it will continue to exist for eternity. In the past, it was confined to the elite of God’s Friends. However, now is the time for humanity to go through the long-awaited spiritual revolution! It is the soul which will enable you to know God. It is the soul which will allow you to have the divine understanding of love. Without enlightenment of the soul, you are naïve to the most sacred and ancient emotion of God: love. You cannot comprehend the manifestation of true love because your soul is dormant and you are not using the inner faculties of life. When you adopt the Religion of God, you adopt God’s lifestyle. You learn the way God behaves and conducts himself. You begin to show compassion and mercy to all; you become soft- hearted and forgiving just as God is. The Religion of God has not been established by any prophet 8 or through any revelation. This religion existed even when there were no religions, prophets or messengers. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, with His authority and power, is teaching humanity the method of bringing God into their hearts. When God enters your heart, it becomes an eternal dwelling of God. This is when God manifests his attributes in you and you begin to change. You become divine and you do not need to make efforts to learn God’s attributes. His Holiness Younus AlGohar notes, ‘A perfect man is one who successfully manages to accommodate God inside him. Without God living in you, you are an incomplete human being.’ Now is the time when spiritual love should and will prevail. It doesn’t matter what religion you practise. Through the spiritual sciences, you can continue to practise your current religion, and at the same time, your heart will be filled with God’s presence. This is when you will be a practitioner of the Religion of God. It is not possible that you love God but you hate human beings. One who loves God will definitely — by nature of love — involuntarily love humanity. 1 The Primordial Day was the day all the souls assembled before God and their fates were decided. A detailed explanation of the Primordial Day can be found in The Religion of God (Divine Love) by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. 2 Learn more about the method of bringing God into the heart on page 10. 9