The Messiah Herald Issue 07 August 2017 - Page 16

SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING ACHIEVING HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE Are you aligned with your destiny? I N THE PRIMORDIAL TIME, THE SOULS of mankind were assembled before God; this was when their fates were decided. In The Religion of God (Divine Love), His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi paints a clear picture of the scene that occurred there. ‘Then, God created a modelled world and its luxuries in order to test and examine the souls. And God said, “Should anyone seek it, they may obtain it.” Too many souls turned their back on God and leapt towards the modelled luxuries of the world. Therefore, they were declared hell-bound in the book of their fate. Then, God depicted the scene of the paradise, which was better than the latter and concerned itself with the servitude and obedience. Many souls leapt towards it, and the paradise was written in their fate. Too many souls were indecisive, hence, they were placed in between the Lord and the Devil. They were entangled between the two when they came in this world. Whoever influenced them first, they became theirs. Many souls fixed their eyes on the Divine Splendour. They desired none of the world or paradise. God loved them, and they loved God. Such souls for the sake of God, shunned the world, became recluse, and lived in jungles.’ Religions are for those who wished for luxuries of the paradise in the Primordial Time. Those who wished for the luxuries of the world do not need a religion. Since the religions were not meant for them, the world-loving souls - who by nature, seek temporal comfort and wealth - polluted the 16 religions when they adopted them. Sometimes when travelling on the highway, you miss an important exit but you have to continue driving on because you cannot stop on the highway. When you know that you are driving in the wrong direction, you develop uneasiness. That is what happens with people who have a purpose in their life but they are not moving towards their goal. In this scenario, they become depressed and uneasy. You must know what your destiny is. When you go in the opposite direction to what your goal is, you are not happy with yourself. To be content in life, you need to be happy with yourself. Therefore, the key to achieving happiness in life is to determine where your happiness lies. HOW TO TEST YOUR DESTINY His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi often says, ‘Come to me. Take the Opening of the Spiritual Heart and test your destiny. If invocation of the name of God starts in your heart, then God is your destiny.’ This is how you find out your destiny 4 . After your have obtained Opening of the Spiritual Heart, you can be happy only in finding God. You can be happy only in finding God. If you still seek worldly pleasures, comforts and luxuries after the invocation starts in your heart, then you become depressed, uneasy and frustrated. If you want to be happy with your inner being, coordinate your efforts with your destiny. To take the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, follow the instructions on page 10. 4 17