The Messiah Herald Issue 05 June 2017 | Page 8

Clash of Cultures WHEN THE SOURCES OF MORAL VALUES DIFFER THE ROOT CAUSE OF EXTREMISM Moral values differ from society to society, because each society has a different source for its moral values. What may be a moral act according to you, may not be moral to somebody else. O NE IMPORTANT THING IN THE study of emotional intelligence is moral values. There are many different sources of moral values. The moral values prevalent in some societies reflect the law of the land. Some other cultures are deeply influenced by the religion practised by most people in that society. For example, compare the moral values practised in London, the United Kingdom with those of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. London is located in a secular country, whereas Rawalpindi is in a Muslim-majority country. In London, two consenting adults can enter into an intimate relationship without the requirement of marriage because this is not against the ethical code of the society. In Rawalpindi, any sort of physical relationship between an unmarried man and woman is forbidden because of the influence of religion on the culture. Some people reject the moral values of the society they live in; rather, they depend on their family traditions as the source of their moral code. When it comes to justifying certain acts which may seem unethical according to the moral values of society, they might say, ‘This is how things are done in my family.’ So there is not just one single source of morality - and this is where the problem lies. To have precise understanding and awareness of emotional intelligence, we need to first recognise what moral values we have adopted. 8 Most religions have strict, inflexible moral codes, so those invested in a religion are unable to see beyond the limits set by their religion. Your belief system is the hidden factor dictating your emotions. It is responsible for bringing rage and fury into your emotional state. Clips of fanatic Muslims in Luton, the United Kingdom, have surfaced on the internet. In the clips, these fanatics were calling for the imposition of Sharia Law in the United Kingdom; they were harassing non-Muslim women for wearing what they considered to be indecent, non-Islamic outfits. Had they been rational people, they would have realised that their religious laws do not apply to anyone outside of the religion and that they have no right to pressure anyone to adopt their ways. Humanity is valued above all in secular countries. According to a secular moral code, no matter what religion someone practises, they should be afforded basic necessities of life. Generosity and rationality are part of modern secular morality. In the present scenario, why should we follow a religion when it is taking away humanity from human beings? The uprise of fanatic ideologies, the spread of extremism and the prevalence of hatred that we see today is all due to a conflict in morality. In secular cultures, moral values change with time. For example, attire that used to be considered indecent a hundred years ago is no longer frowned upon. When we look at MESSIAH HERALD / ISSUE 05 / JUN 2017