The Messiah Herald Issue 05 June 2017 | Page 3

COVER STORY RELIGIOUS MANIPULATION: T HE BACKBO NE O F TERRORISM The era we’re living in is a fascinating one. In many ways, we’ve advanced far beyond anything our ancestors could have even imagined a hundred years ago. T H E H I D D E N T H R E AT TO W O R L D P E A C E M AN HAS WALKED ON THE MOON and achieved incredible breakthroughs in all fields of science. Through the internet, we are now more interconnected than ever before and the invention of smartphones means we can access information with just a tap of a finger. Although we have advanced scientifically, we need to ask ourselves: have we advanced morally and spiritually? Have we, as a species, become more emotionally intelligent? If you have studied history, you know that man’s fundamental nature has not changed. We’ve always been prone to bloodshed and violence; whether it be power, wealth, land, tradition or religion, we have found plenty of reasons to justify our favourite pastime. Today is no different. Presently, we stand on the brink of chaos. The masterminds behind the current wave of Islamist terrorism have perfected the art of religious manipulation. They have successfully tricked emotionally vulnerable individuals into subscribing to their terrorist agenda - and on an alarmingly large scale at that. MESSIAH HERALD / ISSUE 05 / JUN 2017 This special edition of the Messiah Herald features crucial information from HH Younus AlGohar - an expert on Islamist terrorism - about the emotionally manipulative tactics used by religious fanatics. It explains how to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from emotional manipulation and further elaborates aspects of emotional intelligence that most people are unaware of. 3