The Messiah Herald Issue 01 Feb 2017 | Page 2

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What is the Messiah Herald ?


Is the Promised Messiah Already Here ?
Self-Realisation is God- Realisation
Spiritual Health : The Unknown Science
The Key to World Peace


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Food for Thought : God & Water

What is the Messiah Herald ?

We are living in turbulent times in which intolerance and immorality are at their peak while compassionate living is discouraged . Many people lead selfish and materialistic lifestyles . Human beings neither have trust in God nor do they seek his proximity . At the least , religions have become businesses and at their worst , they have morphed into terrorist-producing factories . The state of international politics is deeply troubling . Everywhere we look today , humanity is suffering in one way or another . We no longer have inner peace or spiritual bliss .
It is with all this in mind that we at Messiah Foundation International started the Messiah Herald monthly publication . Messiah Foundation International is an interfaith organisation that aims to promote spiritual sciences and harmony among all faiths and nations . We operate on the universally acceptable spiritual principles of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi , who is believed to be the Awaited Messiah , Imam Mehdi and Kalki Avatar .
All religions and cultures have their own respective names by which they remember God . Christians call him God while the Jews call upon him as Yahweh . For the Muslims he is Allah and for Hindus he is Om , Bhagwan , Eshwar , Raam , etc . Similarly , every religion has its own name for the Awaited One . He is the Messiah for the Jews , Imam Mehdi for the Muslims and Kalki Avatar for the Hindus . Although the titles differ , the concept of the Awaited One remains similar in all religions , alluding to the fact that the Awaited One is one personality simply known by different titles .
Here you will find articles pertaining to spirituality , religion , current events and the advent of the Awaited Saviour humanity desperately needs .