The Malaysian Foldie issue 03 November 2013 | Page 3

Editor's note

AMAZING how time flies as we have approached the end of the year.

I am sure that all of you are preparing to usher in 2014 which is around the corner with renewed hopes and possibly a new bike! Hahah!

In this issue of The Malaysian Foldie, we take a look at the shape of things to come from Tern Bicycles with the introduction of two more new models: the Eclipse P18 and Verge P20.

These are going to be bikes that most enthusiasts would look forward to in the first-quarter of 2014.

We have also expanded a bit on the Gadgits & Gizmo page with an extra page dedicated to new products in the market for bicycling.

On People, we talk to Uncle John Pah from Ipoh and his foray into cycling. John is an inspiring individual and together with his friends, the old-timers are proving beyond doubt that there is life after retirement.

Speaking of rides, we have a feature on the first stage of the Tour of Southern Thailand (ToST) which was successfully carried out in July this year.

The 236km journey covered districts such as Hat Yai, Songkhla, Ranot and Patthalung in Southern Thailand and debunks the myth that small bikes are not capable of handling long journeys.

Lastly, a BIG "Thank you" for your support and its been really fun putting together this e-magazine.In the months to come, I hope I will be able to make The Malaysian Foldie accessible to mobile users.

So, till then, take care and ride safe!