THE MAKEOVER ISSUE! Feb, 2014 - Page 5


Coming from an IT background I always believed in the power of a web presence. Thus, when I embarked on my career as a freelance makeup artist I knew that it was vital for me to create my own web identity.

My original site was ideal I thought, perfect even, a site filled with pretty pictures, but that in essence was all it really was. It said nothing about my direction, my projects or what ventures I was working on. When I decided to rebrand and create a logo to cement the identity and vision of my business, many changes were set into motion.

A new Facebook fan page ( was launched; a new logo created by the talented Mozart Mckenzie; and a revamped version of my website were among the major changes initiated as part of my rebranding exercise. I wanted everything to be simple, easy to navigate, have a clean layout and most importantly present a way for all internet users to reach and contact me for varying makeup projects.

7 New Changes I made to my Website:

1. Adding my newly created logo to the website.

2. Changing the overall layout and structure of the site.

3. Choosing a colour palette consistent with the festive nature of my work which reflects the vibrancy of the Caribbean.

4. Creating a ‘NEWS page’ that would allow clients to book for different projects, giveaways or events.

5. Expanded upon my portfolio by including an ‘EDITORIAL section’.

6. Included all of my social media links (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

7. Modifying my video reel with film work from over the years.

There is alot of work left to be done but as I learn and develop and focus on the mark that I want to leave on the industry, the site will evolve with me.

- Onika Edwards