The Maine Highlands Guidebook Maine Highlands Guidebook 2019-2021 | Page 31

Day trips: An exciting Maine snowmobile adventure awaits! TRIP 1: DOVER-FOXCROFT TO GREENVILLE LOOP: About 100 Miles Start at the AE Robinson on Route 16 in Dover- Foxcroft. Park and unload! Hop on ITS 85N through Monson to Greenville (about 42 miles) Stop for lunch at the Stress Free Moose Pub, 65 Pritham Avenue in Greenville. They’re open every day at 11 am. After lunch, fuel up! There is not a gas station until you reach Milo. Ride to Revisit a Cold War Crash Site On the southern slope of Elephant Mountain, just 15 minutes from downtown Greenville, lies the wreckage of a United States Air Force Boeing B-52C Stratofortress. The debris covers several acres of the forest and visitors are free to wander through this Cold War memorial site. The historic B52 lookout is off of ITS 85 just north of your lunch stop. Continue on ITS 85N for about 13 miles and hop on the 110 connector trail to Milo/Brownville. Turn on to ITS 82W near Milo to take you back to the AE Robinson in Dover-Foxcroft. TRIP 2: MILLINOCKET TO SHIN POND LOOP: About 130 Miles The crash happened on a January afternoon in 1963. The plane took off from Westover AFB in Massachusetts on what should have been a routine training mission. Gusts of wind from Maine’s western mountains created turbulence that, ultimately, tore off part of the B-52’s tail. Need to rent a sled? If you’re starting in Millinocket, head to the New England Outdoor Center and they’ll hook you up. Starting from Mt. Chase, head to Shin Pond Village and they’ll take care of you. Each year the Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club hosts a ride to the memorial site to pay tribute to the men who died. The ride is beautiful and serene, and the crash site is easy to find thanks to signs pointing the way. Visitors are asked to treat the area respectfully and leave it intact. For more information, contact Destination Moosehead Lake or visit If you have a sled, start in the parking lot at Pamola Lodge in Millinocket. Take ITS 85N all the way to Mt. Chase. Have lunch and fuel up at Shin Pond Village. Head back south on ITS 81, stopping in Patten to fill your gas tank. Hop on 83W in Stacyville to head back to Millinocket. Once you’re back, head to Highlands Tavern at Pamola Lodge for a drink to celebrate your day! THE MAINE HIGHLANDS.COM | 31