The Maine Highlands Guidebook Maine Highlands Guidebook 2019-2021 | Page 28

Downhill Skiing & Tubing The Maine Highlands’ affordable, family-friendly ski mountains make it easy to have fun outside in the winter. BIG SQUAW MOUNTAIN IN GREENVILLE Downhill skiing and snowboarding on 30 trails; cross-country skiing; rentals and lessons HERMON MOUNTAIN IN HERMON Day and night downhill skiing and snowboarding on 20 trails; snow tubing with lift; rentals and lessons MT. JEFFERSON IN LINCOLN Downhill skiing and snowboarding on 12 trails; snow tubing with rope tow; rentals and lessons. Open dependent on natural snowfall: call 207-738-2377 or check website for information. Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing One of the best ways to experience the serene calm of Maine’s woods and lakes in winter is on cross country skis or snowshoes. The visitor’s centers in each area can provide information on the best trails and help you find places to rent equipment. Dog Sledding Guided trips with a professional dog sledding or “mushing” outfitter are a unique and thrilling Maine winter adventure. Imagine bounding across the frozen expanse of a remote lake, surrounded by mountain peaks clad in evergreens, holding tight to the reins of your dog team as they drive your sled forward through the deep snow on a fast run. Wilderness Sled Dog Race To experience the thrill of dog sledding without stepping on a sled yourself, come to Greenville in early February for the Wilderness Sled Dog Race, where mushers and their teams compete in 30-mile and 70-mile cross-country races. Dogs bark with excitement and spectators squeeze in alongside the chute at the race’s start. Once they’re off, you can enjoy winter activities all day long or trek to remote checkpoints to watch the teams race through. Find a spot to cheer the winners at the finish line, then wrap up the day with a festive community bonfire. 28 | THE MAINE HIGHLANDS.COM