The Maine Highlands Guidebook Maine Highlands Guidebook 2019-2021 | Page 24

Scenic Drives B y car or on a motorcycle, a cruise along one of The Maine Highlands’ scenic byways is a wonderful way to explore the region’s stunning mountains, lakes, and woods. Two-lane roads wind through the countryside, passing through quaint towns and beautiful forests with scenic overlooks where the highway reaches a height of land. DID YOU KNOW? Fall foliage is at its most colorful after a warm—but not dry—summer, when autumn days are sunny and nights are cool but frost-free. Fall Foliage One of the best times for a drive is the fall season when the air turns crisp and leaves are ablaze. The weeks from late-September through mid-October are peak foliage peeping times in The Maine Highlands. See for a live foliage report throughout the fall. THE MOOSEHEAD LAKE SCENIC BYWAY follows Route 15/Route 6 for 49 miles from Greenville to Jackman. The road passes through the village of Rockwood where spectacular views of Mount Kineo beckon, and winds along the waterway that feeds the Kennebec River. ALONG THE WAY: The Steamship Katahdin, Big Squaw Mountain Ski Area, Moosehead Lake and Mount Kineo, Brassua Lake, Long Pond, Wood Pond, The Forks, Moxie Falls THE KATAHDIN WOODS & WATERS SCENIC BYWAY travels 89 miles from Baxter State park along the East Branch of the Penobscot River and provides access to the Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument. With side trips along the West Branch and views of Katahdin and the Appalachian Mountains, this is a glorious drive that will reveal pastoral farms, working forests, and beautiful natural areas. ALONG THE WAY: Patten Lumbermen’s Museum, Baxter State Park & Katahdin, Shin Falls, Grindstone Falls, Debsconeag Ice Caves, Ash Hill, Golden Road, and the West Branch of the Penobscot River. 24 | THE MAINE HIGHLANDS.COM