The Maine Highlands Guidebook Maine Highlands Guidebook 2019-2021 | Page 18

Off-Road O ne of the most exciting ways to explore the rugged terrain and unparalleled scenery of the Maine woods and countryside is to rent an all- terrain vehicle or snowmobile and leave the paved roads far behind. OFFICIAL ATV TRAIL MAP The state ATV trail map is available by calling 1-888-386-3288 CONSULT A LOCAL Want to know the best trails to ride in the region you’re visiting? Contact one of the local ATV Clubs in The Maine Highlands. Visit to find a local club near you! MAINE HAS 6,000 MILES—AND GROWING— OF DESIGNATED ATV TRAILS with the longest interconnected ATV trail system in the country, presenting endless day-long and multi-day excursions. These are some of the best multi-use trails in the entire country. Rent a cabin or campsite and ride right from your door. Or start here and ride all the way to Canada! INTERCONNECTED TRAIL SYSTEM (ITS) trails may be used for ATVs in warm months and snowmobiles from mid-December until Spring. Many publicly- and privately-owned multi-use trails and reserved public lands also allow off-road vehicles. Several locations between the Moosehead, Lincoln, and Katahdin regions offer rentals and guided tours. Lodges provide accommodations, food and drink, fuel, and supplies. RIDE SAFE Always be on the watch for other users and wildlife on the trail. 18 | THE MAINE HIGHLANDS.COM FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: My ATV is registered in another state. Do I have to register it in Maine? A: Yes. All ATVs are required to be registered in Maine to be operated here. You can register online at Q: Are helmets required? A: Yes. Everyone under the age of 18, including passengers, must wear a helmet by law. However, everyone is encouraged to wear one. Safety first! Q: How can I tell if a trail is a designated ATV trail? A: It will have either the Trail ID or the Trail Blazer, which are green and white ATV signs with the ATV symbol. If ATV use is allowed on a road, it will be marked with a shared use sign. Q: What is the fine for riding on private land without permission? A: Up to $500 plus the potential loss of licenses and registrations issued by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. If you are riding on cropland, pastureland, or an orchard and are not on a designated ATV trail, you need to have written permission from the landowner.