The Maine Highlands Guidebook Maine Highlands Guidebook 2019-2021 | Page 14

Water T he Maine Highlands’ geography is dominated by inland waterways. Serene lakes and ponds, lazy rivers, and gushing whitewater rapids all offer opportunities to explore by boat, raft, canoe, kayak, or personal watercraft. The Maine Highlands contains part of a much larger system of interconnected waterways that stretches hundreds of miles beyond the state and offers countless day-long and multi-day adventures. Miles of remote lakes and rivers are perfect for paddling, camping at the water’s edge, and observing wildlife, including eagles and moose. For those who like a thrill, one of the most technical stretches of whitewater in New England is found on the Penobscot River. And for recreational boaters and fishermen, Lincoln and Moosehead offer easy access and plenty of open water. BOAT LAUNCHES For a list of public boat launches in Maine, see 14 | THE MAINE HIGHLANDS.COM