The Luxury Executive Quarterly May. 2014 - Page 34

Million Dollar Man-Cave Looking to build a home theater? Trying to upgrade an existing one with luxury, high-end equipment? Check out these products that will make your home theater the envy of all your friends. Dyna-curve Every home theater needs a stunning screen to showcase your movie collection. The VisonX Dyna-Curve by Vutec is a gently curved, multi-format theater screen in Cinemascope (widescreen) format. With the VisionX, it will be just like watching a movie in the theater but from the comfort of your own home. SI-Screen Innovations Screen Innovations (SI) is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial projection screens. SI’s Black Diamond™ screen technology is revolutionary for reducicng ambient light. SI offers a wide range of models of screens. Whatever type of screen fits your needs, SI definitely has a screen for you.