The Luxury Executive Quarterly May. 2014 - Page 30

LIPINSKI SOUND Mind!Control Entertainment recently attended The 135th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention at the Jacob Javitts Center in New York City. The newest and most high tech products were shown; such as high end audio equipment as well as top tier consumer audio and video products. In attendance was Lipinski Sound. Lipinski Sound manufactures professional level monitors, subwoofers, and amps. Not only are Lipinski Sounds’ products state-of-the-art , they are also highly luxurious. Created in 2003 by Andrew Lipinski; a renowned audio engineer, and his son Lukas; a Wall Street analyst and economist, Lipinski Sound set out to make the perfect speakers for professional studios and the average audiophile. Andrew holds the record for being the only person to ever receive a perfect score on the US Bureau of National Standards’ listening evaluation of phonograhic recordings. Needless to say, Andrew takes perfect listening seriously. With this idea in mind, he set out to create the perfect speakers. Lipinski Sound gained global notoriety within three years due to its focus on perfection. Lipinski Sounds’ line of speakers, amps, and woofers has made it’s mark on the industry. Companies such as Dolby Laboratories, THX, and Universal have purchased Lipinski’s products for their professional audio needs. With a limited amount of units to be manufactured, these products are already highly sought after.