The Luxury Executive Quarterly May. 2014 - Page 29

The Emperor 1510 The MWE Labs Emperor Workspaces are futuristic technology now. These surround workstations featuring a signature scorpion shape, incredibly stable steel structure, automated motion controls, and high-end A/V capabilities are simple stunning. The Emperor 1510 is the base model with an even more impressive,luxury model, the Emperor LX also available. The 1510 model offers unprecedented functionalities that provide comfort and almost total immersion in a work space through a mutli- monitor display, audio system, and accessories. Its optimized ergonomic shape and minimal footprint make it perfect for increased workplace performance and productivity. The Emperor 1510 model comes with the available options of an additional labtop tray and a Bose Companion 5 surround sound system. The system retails for $5,950. The Emperor LX The MWE Labs Emperor LX Workspace is the luxury, top-of-the-line model of workspaces. It has all of the incredible features of the 1510 model but with a futuristic white and black color scheme and additional options. The LX model comes with the available options of: - a rotating pedestal -additional laptop tray -massaging chair -side tables -2 addtional monitor mounts The Emperor LX retails for $21,500