The Luxury Executive Quarterly May. 2014 - Page 21

REVIEW 1. OneRoq Standard is gluten, sodium, and sulfite free and distilled from Iowa Corn and Colorado Mountain water. Standard is perfect for the household, every day vodka enthusiast. $26.99 2. OneRoq Reserved is the ultra premium blend of handmade vodka. Reserved is smoother than the Standard due to a post distillation technique done prior to bottling. $31.99 3. OneRoq Limited is distilled from ingredients within 30 days of their harvest. The distillation and filtering is applied for 25 days. The settling process lasts for another 15 days where a master distiller analyzes each batch for clarity and taste. Each bottle is hand-bottled,numbered and finished with a 1 ounce rhodium topper. $51.00 Compared to Ciroc Ciroc- has a flavor reminiscent of “cold medicine” The flavor envelope is very short with a strong first bite. OneRoq Raspberry- has a very sweet raspberry taste and does not have strong bite. Decision OneRoq Raspberry was an overall better tasting vodka. Smoother finish and no harsh bite.