The Luxury Executive Quarterly May. 2014 - Page 15

Clase Azul Tequilas are produced from organic agaves that aregrown for at least nine months before harvest. The agaves used are slow cooked in a brick oven for 3 days. They are then fermented using a proprietary yeast to create the unique characteristics of the tequila. Traditional Mexican cooking and fermentation is use to produce the most exotic flavors and juices. Clase Azul Reposado is aged for eight months in American oak-second use barrels. This adds more flavor to the tequila. Ultra is aged for five years in Spanish cherry barrels; two more years than other vodkas, to make it extra smooth tasting. Each bottle is hand crafted and painted so no two bottles are exactly alike bourbon smoothness, warm flavor, great for sipping whiskey fans, spiced vanilla notes. La Pinta- sweet pomegranate flavor, nice tequila presence, not overpowering, good for blends Plata- fresh tequila, not aged, nice bite to it, sweet aftertaste, full flavor, citric notes