The Luxury Executive Quarterly May. 2014 - Page 13

Acustom Apparel is a fashion line for men. They differ from the traditional with a high- tech approach to tailored suits. By using 3D imaging, ACUSTOM’S designers can make a suit that is tailored to your exact body shape. The idea behind ACUSTOM APPAREL was that everyone should have clothes that are the perfect fit. From suits and soon to be custom denim, Acustom uses the 3D scan of your body to create intelligent fitting clothes for your style and your body. Clients are able to pick from customs cuts, fabrics, and washes to create their custom tailored suit. Jamal Motlagh, CEO and co-founder came up for the idea of Acustom Ap- parel while attending Harvard Business School. Being a tall man, he couldn’t believe there was no easy way of finding custom clothing to fit his style without expensive tailoring. Charles Tse, COO and co-founder came up with the technology behind the digital pattern-mak- ing technology. Eventually Charles pursued customization on a large scale to find a solution to his need for specially tailored clothing.