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Good day and welcome to your Kingdom Connection Devotional for Tuesday. For the month of March, in honor of the Teas Rodeo, we will spend time on the Livestock in Christ's Kingdom. On yesterday we began with the Lost Sheep and I'm looking forward to the testimonies of lives being turned around. Once you make the decision to become a part of the Fold because you want a true relationship with Jesus Christ, then something has taken place in your heart that will allow you to be led. There is no better passage of scripture that expresses ALL the benefits of being a sheep other than Psalms 23! King David, the greatest King of Israel, considered himself a sheep and today we look at 10 reasons why we should as well!

1. The Lord is MY Shepherd.

- That right there makes you want to ask someone to hold your mule while you SHOUT! Who is more qualified to lead us and guide us? Who loves us more than God? Who knows us better than God? Who can care for us better than the Lord? The answer to all of those questions is NOBODY but JESUS! So if the Lord has opted to walk in the role of the Shepherd, it's a no brainer to regard yourself anything other than His sheep! Only arrogance and pride would cause one to do otherwise.

2. I shall not want

Don't you hate when you need something and can't get it! It can make us feel anywhere from frustrated to depressed. But when The Lord is our Shepherd, He causes us not to live in lack. We may not get it exactly when we ask for it, but out of His omniscience He provides for us faithfully.

3. He MAKES me lie down in green pastures

How blind are we not to recognize green pastures? How ignorant are we not to know to lay ourselves down once we've arrived. It is our pride and arrogance that tells us that we don't need God. Our misled minds assure us that we can figure out what is best for us but the truth is, it is only IN God and THROUGH God can we ever know where the green

pastures for our lives

are and then submit

to Him as He MAKES

us lie down in them.

4. He leads besides

the still waters

I shared on yesterday that sheep can't swim. So Christ doesn't lead us to rushing waters that will frightened us nor standing water that are often corrupt but soft gentle flowing water that soothes us, relaxes us and refreshes us.

5. He restores my soul

No one but God can bring us out of horrible seasons that should have destroyed us mentally, physically and emotionally. But whatever it is we've encountered, self- inflicted or a trial, He restores us to our core. The pain can't be relieved nor even adequately explained much like a mother's birthing pains. The newborn in her arms restores her to wholeness, joy and peace and so are our souls are restored when touched by Christ.

6. He leads me down the path of righteousness for His namesake.

We can never forget the god of this world (II Cor. 4:4) who continually comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). When we surrender our hearts to Christ, He ensures that we stay in right-standings with Him. And the benefits extend beyond US- it's ultimately for Him and His Kingdom. Others watching us being led by God see what a GREAT Shepherd and Master He truly is and then desire Him as well. Our walk in right-standings with God is so glorious that it works for us all!

7. The Valley of The Shadow of Death- Protection

A sheep can be in situations and circumstances that will take out the unbeliever. A sheep can be on their death bed or even be dead and still not have to fear ANY EVIL. Paul asked what can separate us from the Love of Christ? Not death or life and certainly not the scares of the evil one or those he may use against us. Our relationship with our Shepherd is the ultimate blessing that exist. No matter what arises, He is ALWAYS with us and will FIGHT our battles and pick us up and make us

The LED Sheep

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