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keeping baby calm after birth

Entering into this world is a traumatic event and it is essential to minimize the negative effects thereof through providing the necessary comfort and assistance for baby to adapt to life outside of utero . A relaxed transition between these two worlds is essential to give a baby optimum opportunity to grow and develop .
Recent research shows that genetics are not the only factor in depending the development of a baby ’ s brain . A baby ’ s environment is a major contributor to the development of a healthy brain . The physical and emotional experiences of a baby determine their learning ability for their entire life .
Although primarily the process of pregnancy is focused on the growth of the baby , we often neglect the opportunities to start developing our babies and preparing them for life in the real world .
The primary smell receptors are formed around 8 weeks of gestation and are functional as early as week 24 of gestation . The sense of smell plays a fundamental part in babies ’ ability to adapt to their new environment and as such , acts as the base of the baby ’ s natural survival instinct . Their ability to taste and smell before birth , offer opportunities to start preparing for the outside world even before birth .
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The most important way in which moms can help baby develop their sense of taste and smell in utero , is by following a nutritious diet . Babies smell and taste the amniotic fluid surrounding them rendering this to be their first introduction to food
Mimicking a womb like environment after birth is vitally important to keep baby calm and relaxed . The neurological pathway to the brain via the nose is extremely sensitive and therefore smell can influence baby ’ s comfort level negatively if not controlled .
8 ways in which parents can ensure a calm environment and therefore a relaxed baby : Keeping all smells as neutral as possible . Babies can recognize their moms purely on smell within the first day of being born . 2 Moms should therefore not change any products they use for a minimum of 6 weeks after the birth of their babies . Dads too , should steer clear of the use of any deodorants and strong scented shaving and other products to create a natural smelling environment and ensuring a pleasant first meeting Sleeping with the receiving blankets that will be used in hospital will ensure that mom ’ s smell is close by all the time creating a sense of security . Swaddle baby in a blanket smelling of mom when new relatives come to visit to create a barrier between baby ’ s secure world and new acquaintances ’ smells . Introducing new smells should be done with caution as the nose membrane is thin at first and could easily be harmed . When introducing new smells , be sure to expose baby to the most natural instead of second hand smells Touch baby ’ s nose and bring baby closer to the object ( e . g flower ) whilst naming the object baby is
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