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Easter Holiday Road Trip Hacks to make the journey part of the fun
With the Easter holidays on our doorstep , it ’ s time to start thinking about travel plans and family getaways . Be it taking advantage of the full school break or just a cheeky long weekend away , thoughts of fun and relaxation are on the mind . For some parents , however , the thought may be dimmed by an impending sense of doom at the prospect of a few stressful hours trapped in a car with bored kids repeating “ are we there yet ?” at fi ve minute intervals . As with any journey , but especially a journey with kids to entertain , preparation is always key . Keep this article at hand and make sure to give these tips and tricks a go a day or two before your trip and not be in a mad rush the morning of !
Research the route you are planning to take on your trip . Even if it ’ s the same route you take every year , try to take note of the possible stops along the way and incorporate these into the trip . These may just be strategic toilet break stops or they could be a fun excursion to break the monotony and give the kids something to look forward to ( and hopefully expend some energy !).
Plan your kids ’ outfi ts for each day and pack them rolled up together . No searching for socks or underwear that have mysteriously disappeared into the depths of the suitcase . If you have lots of time and are so inclined , you can even pack them into individual zip lock bags that are easy to grab without a thought .
Buying food along the way can be a costly and unhealthy exercise . A more cost effective option is to prepack lunches and snacks . This will also minimise ‘ emergency ’ stops that may delay your trip if someone in the car is thirsty or hungry . A fun way for the kids to enjoy some healthier snack options is to use a bead tray with different snacks in each compartment . They can pick and choose what they want and it ’ s easily snapped closed and put away when they ’ re done , no loose wrappers or plastic packets lying around the car .
Aside from the classic road trip car games such as “ eye spy ” the internet , and Pinterest . com specifi cally , is full to the brim with clever games and toys to keep the little ones entertained , with some designed to give you a break as well ! Use a small shoe hanging organiser attached to the back of the front seats to organise some options within the kids ’ own reach . You won ’ t be rummaging around the car looking for a specifi c toy and possibly distracting the driver , and you might be able to catch a few winks yourself while the kids entertain themselves .
Look out for the online version of this article which will include some handy links to the tips listed here as well as to some DIY road trip games and other useful ideas .