The Little Pages April/May 2017 - Page 18


TOOLS FOR SUCCESS developing emotional intelligence from a young age

EQ4kids is an emotional development programme for kids . The programme is available to many families across South Africa asthey have branches in numerous locations across the country .
Children meet with our facilitators once a week for 30 minute sessions where they learn how to identify , understand and handle their feelings . We teach children the most valuable skill of all , emotional intelligence ( EQ ). We believe this gives our children the opportunity to develop and use invaluable life skills from an early age .
EQ4kids focuses on various subjects including ; self-awareness , self-regulation , internal motivation , empathy , social skills and leadership . After each session the children receive something to take home with them to remind them about what was learned . Parents also receive a letter after each session in which the importance of what was taught is explained . www . eq4kids . co . za
Children at kindergarten level are sometimes underestimated when it comes to their capabilities . We often see these kids as less sophisticated and not quite equipped to understand the complex emotional processes of their world .
We often feel that we would rather protect them against unpleasant situations and feelings than expose them to these . Young kids , especially at this age , absorb enormous amounts of what information about what is happening around them and therefore it is important for children to be taught how to identify and communicate their feelings from as young as possible .
Young children ’ s brains develop and absorb information at an incredible rate and it is at this stage that they need the right tools to constantly react , adapt to , handle and overcome their emotions . Academic development may help a child solving mathematical problems but emotional development can help a child to build a future , get that job , with determination finish that grade , and through self- knowledge achieve success in every aspect of their life going on to lead a happy life .
DID YOU KNOW : EQ is four times more important for life success than IQ . Studies have proven that people with a higher level of emotional intelligence reach higher academic achievements as well as make better choices in life .
082 533 6123 tanya @ eq4kids . co . za www . eq4kids . co . za
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