The Little Pages April/May 2017 - Page 15

How did it all begin - what inspired you to start making and selling ice cream ? I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes , and after making my husband a Kit Kat ice cream for his birthday a few years back , he basically insisted that I try and market it . Not long after that , “ Han-Made ” was born .
How did you get to where you are today ? I started out very small , I basically found one coffee shop ( the friendly stranger ) that was willing to try sell my product , I then got a friend to design the logo , bought some packaging and sold my first few tubs . I am very passionate about the look AND taste of the product so that is what I have focussed on . I have a great designer who has helped me develop the branding I have today , and she is constantly working to keep it relevant and fun . I spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen working to make sure that we are using quality , wholesome , and as far as possible local ingredients . I have always worked for han-made part time , so the business has been able to grown at a steady pace without the pressure of needing to expand too quickly . It has been such fun watching the business grow , and finding new and exciting clients along the way .
We love your fun , quirky branding - what do you aim to communicate through your brand ? I want to keep the product fun , ice cream is a treat and the packaging should reflect that .
Do you eat a lot of ice-cream ? I am very passionate about good ice-cream , so if its
good I will definitely eat it ! But I am not such a sweettooth , which is what makes it possible for me to work with such delicious ingredients all day !
How important do you think , is eating dessert ? Dessert is the most important ! I always feel like a
meal hasn ’ t ended until you ’ ve had something sweet . And the nice thing about ice cream is that it is great on its own , but can also be a nice side to a different dessert option . Blue Waters Café has done some great pairings with the Han-Made ice cream , my favourite is a Lindt dark chocolate brownie with craft beer ice cream !!
You are an aunt - tell us a bit about being an aunt ( that makes ice-cream for a living )? Well , it has obviously got me some brownie points always having ice cream in the freezer ! I love being an aunt , I have seven nieces and nephews and it is such a privilege being a part of their lives . I am definitely influenced by being around them , seeing the products that are marketed towards kids today , and then finding my own way of reaching that market . One of my favourite things is watching a child eat my ice cream for the first time , there is something in the joy of children that is just so magical !
“ Try some mom , I just know you gonna wuv it ! It ’ s too good in my tummy !”
Cammie ( our cover star ) on tasting Han-Made for the first time
What is the latest news from Han-made ? We have just moved in to new premises in Chicky ’ s Yard and are enjoying settling in and getting to know the neighbours . We have set up the factory there but it is also open to the public , if you want to order larger quantities then that is where you can collect etc . We do quite a lot of catering for parties and events so it is great being so centrally located and much more accessible . We are hoping to meet some more of our customers , so please pop in .
Any inspiring words to readers who are thinking of starting their own business ? Do it ! My major recommendation is always to start small , just try things out and see if there is a market for what you are offering . It is much lower risk that way , but at least you are taking steps in the right direction . You will never know if you never try !
STOCKISTS : Friendly Stranger , Grass Roof , Nova kitchen , Tea Merchant ( Baywest ), Continental Butchery ( Newton Park ), Blue Waters Café , Frederick & Son .