The Little Pages April/May 2017 - Page 14

the sweet taste of success

HAN-MADE keeping it fun

the sweet taste of success

Hannah Mclean decided to try out her homemade ice cream on the local market a few years ago . The tasty treats have crept their way into coffee shops , markets and malls across the city with her brand growing in favour for its fun and quirky approach and tempting taste . Hannah has recently taken the step to open a factory shop in Chiky ’ s Yard ( within an exciting development in the Baakens Valley ). With her positive attitude and commitment to “ making people happy with ice cream !”, she is well-positioned to take her product and growing business to new heights . We chatted to her about ice cream and pursuing a dream ..
Get 3 x 500ml tubs of ice cream delivered to your door once a month Hannah says , “ you never know what flavours you will get ! I like to curate different combinations for people to try , as well as get you to test any new flavours coming to market . Plus , it means you always have an amazing dessert option in your freezer !”
R140 per month