The Little Book of Positive Affirmations | Page 4

The Little Book of Positive Affirmations Introduction The words you say, think or feel become the reality you live Hello, my name is Lynn Austin. Let me take a quick moment to say thank you for purchasing this ebook designed to provide you with positive affirming words that all you speak, visualize and realize your life’s desires. I realize there are many other resources out there competing for your attention, and I appreciate you entrusting me to help you reach your goals. Affirmations are present tense, positive words crafted to make an emotional connection and encourage positive outcomes in your life. Many believe that by saying, thinking and many times just hearing these statements enforce the thoughts and feelings that build your reality–your conscious thoughts, creating your truth. As a transformational leadership coach, I work with clients to incorporate affirmations into their daily routines, thereby “declaring” these statements to be true. The power of these short simple statements can bring about special realities in your life. The inspiration behind writing this ebook comes from my personal journey learning, understanding and witnessing the value and benefit my clients have experienced using these statements. In this ebook, you’ll get affirmations in 5 areas of life 1) spirituality; 2) money & business; 3) health & well-being; 4) love & relationships; and family & friends. Try speaking them daily to bring about conscious control of your thoughts.