The Lion's Pride Vol. 7 (March 2017) | Page 2

The Lion’s Pride Committee

Alihasan Amjad

Greg Bem

Katherine Davidow-Lucas

Karen Holum

Suzy Lee

Kate Magner

Wes Mantooth

Sarah Mason

Jason Sobottka

Jeff Troy

The Lion’s Pride seeks to showcase the creative work of our diverse students and programs of study at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Please consider submitting your creative work for consideration. For details, please visit the publication homepage:

You may also contact [email protected] if you have questions.

A Note on Submissions:

Members of the Lion’s Pride committee may make minor edits to submissions in order to standardize spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. However, committee members do not thoroughly edit submissions for students, and the committee’s general policy is to present work in close to its submitted form, in order to preserve the integrity of each student’s voice. Students are encouraged to edit their own work carefully before submission and to get assistance from instructors and campus tutors.