The Light - An Alumni Publication Summer 2015 - Page 29

A LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT Dear Alumni, Over the last several months, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting alumni gatherings in Washington, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Austin, St. Louis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Los Angeles. The enthusiasm for reconnecting has been truly remarkable. YFU alumni are happy to be reconnecting and excited to get as involved as they can. The theme for this edition of The Light is YFU for Life – Continuing the Legacy. Hearing firsthand the stories of nearly 250 alumni who have attended recent receptions and through the words of our alumni contributors in these pages, there is no question in my mind that YFU has the power to change lives and create legacy. Finally, alumna Mary Katherine Pulliam, survivor of a traumatic brain injury, reminds us why it is important to tell our stories. She writes, “I’m really happy that my story is so helpful and inspiring to others. I’ve had so many people share my story, and if my hard-work and dedication influences others to change their lives and try new things (especially if it can help the future of YFU), I am 100% for it!” Thank you for your efforts! As always, please contact me directly if you are interested in getting involved in any way! Sincerely, John Favazzo Director of Alumni Engagement JOIN THE CONVERSATION The Light welcomes your comments and feedback, as well as submissions for future editions. Email Join YFU USA’s National Alumni page on Facebook! YFU • The Light | 29