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Contents News report • Latin American target companies must ensure transparency in M&A deals to boost their valuation On the cover: More global law firms are expected to set up shop in Central America with some of the best growth opportunities for law firms and investors alike to be found in Costa Rica, which is forging a reputation as one of the best countries in the region in which to base businesses The publisher and authors are not responsible for the results of any actions (or lack thereof) taken on the basis of information in this publication. Readers should obtain advice from a qualified professional when dealing with specific situations. The Latin American Lawyer is published twice a year by Iberian Legal Group SL. © Iberian Legal Group SL 2017 Copyright applies. For licensed photocopying, please contact [email protected] • International investors ´betting heavily’ on Latin America • Economic Stability Act ‘will help Puerto Rico to restructure debt’ • Risk of trademark infringement is ompounded in the digital age • Trademarks weakened by Mexico’s new opposition to registration system • Chilean M&A slows due to electoral uncertainty News focus Still in the shadows Special Focus: Latin America Reasons for cheer 13 Renewable energy and infrastructure driving 15 growth for investors Eduar do Rodríguez-Rovira Uría Menéndez 2 Costa Rica’s economic stability and need for 16 infrastructure offers potential for investment Mariano Batalla Batalla 8 Opinion How lawyers can avoid the perils of selling distressed assets Yaukuma Armbruster Quantum Capital Partners 12 Colombian and Peruvian infrastructure projects driving demand for legal services Santi Pagès Carballeda Roca Junyent 16 M&A activity, employment regulations and fashion law creating opportunities for firms in Costa Rica Freddy Fachler and Rafael Sayagués EY Tax & Law 17 Editorial policy The Latin American Lawyer provides a information on the Latin American legal profession for domestic and international law firms and general counsel. The magazine is funded by subscribers and advertisers, as well as sponsoring law firms that provide the Profiles within the Special Reports. Legal Deposit M-5664-2009 A number of articles that appear in this publication have previously been published in The Latin American Lawyer’s sister title Iberian Lawyer. Latin America Editor Ignacio Abella T +44 (0) 798 202 7638 E [email protected] Adam Critchley Finance E Content Editor Ben Cook M +34 666 418 249 E [email protected] E [email protected] Anthony Notaras Printing E [email protected] Associate Director Elizabeth De Sevo M +34 637 404 288 E [email protected] E [email protected] E [email protected] Natalia Tejedor Sanz Design & Production Ana GS de Rafael E [email protected] Contributors E E [email protected] Caroline Thorpe Laura Pollard Lucy Austin [email protected] Carlos Donaire [email protected] Francisco Blanco Cudipal S.L. Subscription Enquiries E [email protected] Iberian Lawyer Calle Lagasca 138, Madrid 28006 T +34 91 563 3691 Volumen III 2017 • THE LATIN AMERICAN LAWYER • 1