The JSH Reporter Summer 2015 | Page 34

JSH ATTORNEY DIRECTORY Lawyer Name Title Email Phone Link to Biography Justin M. Ackerman Associate [email protected] 602.263.1740 Donn C. Alexander Partner [email protected] 602.235.7152 Jennifer B. Anderson Associate [email protected] 602.263.7375 Jonathan P. Barnes, Jr. Associate [email protected] 602.263.4437 Robert R. Berk Partner [email protected] 602.263.1781 Brandi C. Blair Associate [email protected] 602.263.1786 Kevin K. Broerman Partner [email protected] 602.263.7313 Stephen A. Bullington Partner [email protected] 602.263.1796 Heather E. Bushor Associate [email protected] 602.263.4416 Charles M. Callahan Partner [email protected] 602.263.7392 F. Rick Cannata, Jr. Partner [email protected] 602.263.7332 William G. Caravetta, III Partner [email protected] 602.263.7389 Cristina M. Chait Partner [email protected] 602.263.7391 Andrew I. Clark Associate [email protected] 602.263.1771 David S. Cohen Partner [email protected] 602.263.7372 Jefferson T. Collins Partner [email protected] 602.263.7346 Douglas R. Cullins Partner [email protected] 602.263.7386 James P. Curran Partner [email protected] 602.263.7366 A. Blake DeLong Partner [email protected] 602.263.7399 John M. DiCaro Partner [email protected] 602.263.1777 Kathleen S. Elder Partner [email protected] 602.235.7118 Diana J. Elston Associate [email protected] 602.263.4413 Amelia A. Esber Associate [email protected] 602.263.1755 Gregory L. Folger Partner [email protected] 602.263.1720 Sanford K. Gerber Partner [email protected] 602.235.1779 Elizabeth A. Gilbert Associate [email protected] 602.263.1710 Eileen Dennis Gilbride Partner [email protected] 602.263.4430 Chelsey M. Golightly Associate [email protected] 602.263.1732 Patrick C. Gorman Associate [email protected] 602.263.1761 John M. Gregory Associate [email protected] 602.263.7343 Joel W. Habberstad Associate [email protected] 602.263.1753 Ashley Villaverde Halvorson Associate [email protected] 602.263.1793 Michael W. Halvorson Partner [email protected] 602.263.7371 Whitney M. Harvey Associate [email protected] 602.263.1744 Michael E. Hensley Partner [email protected] 602.263.1775