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WELCOMECONTENTS 002 WELCOME/ CONTENTS SUMMER 2015 articles 04 Has Exposure to Punitive Damages Increased in Arizona? By: David Stout 07 The Different Warranties Covering A Contractor’s Work By: Michael Ludwig 10 The Frustrating EEOC Conciliation Process By: Steven Leach 16 Demanding Access to Social Media and Personal Information – Is it Legal? By: Patrick Gorman 24 How to Manage a Crime Free Rental Property in Arizona By: John Lierman 30 Top 10 Ways To Commit Bad Faith By: Donald Myles 33 The Mediated Arbitration: Think Outside The Box The Next Time You Reach An Impasse During Mediation By: Mark Zukowski cases of note 14 26 Check out significant recent appellate cases PAGE14 Trial Court Decisions APPELLATE HIGHLIGHTS resources 06 06 13 13 21 23 31 31 31 31 34 Appellate Highlights USLAW Webinar Recording: Data Breaches Transportation Compendium of Law USLAW Webinar Recording: Language Differences in the Legal Arena USLAW Webinar Recording: Social Media Monitoring Construction Compendium of Law USLAW LawMobile Surveillance Compendium of Law JSH Law and Case Alerts JSH Reporter Reference Guide to Arizona Law JSH Attorney Directory announcements 09 Ronald W. Collett Tribute 18 JSH Firm Announcements 23 Upcoming Speaking Engagements 32 Inhouse JSH Events