The Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society Med Journal March 2020 Final 2 - Page 7

LISTEN. LEARN. SHARE. FREE PAIN MANAGEMENT TELEVIDEO CONFERENCES UAMS AR-IMPACT Speakers Bureau is a FREE interactive televideo lecture series designed to help Arkansas clinicians better manage their chronic pain patients and those who need their opioid dosage reduced. Each of our AR IMPACT team members will travel to the UAMS Regional Centers to provide lectures on various topics related to pain management and opioid use disorder. You can access these lectures remotely from your computer or handheld device. Check our website for continuing medical education information. See our speaker schedule for details. Questions? Email [email protected] TO JOIN A CONFERENCE: Visit and click the link to join Johnathan Goree, M.D. 1. How the Prescription Drug Epidemic became an Opioid Epidemic: Failure in Upstream Policy and a Call for Downstream Solutions 2. Neuromodulation and Radiofrequency Ablation. Is it the Pain Treatment of the Future? Johnathan Goree, M.D. 1. Assessment and Evidence Based Treatment Algorithms for Low Back Pain 2. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Diagnosis, Treatment, and Review of Cases Corey Hayes, PharmD, Ph.D. 1. Opioid Tapering 2. Naloxone Formulations, Cost, and When to Talk to Patients Leah Tobey, PT, DPT 1. Alternative pain relief & self-management with physical therapy 2. Tips for the Busy Clinician: 5 minute lumbar exam OR Masil George, M.D. 1. Opioid Free-Success Stories of Effectively Stopping Opioids 2. Managing the Difficult Patient Encounter Call 1-844-885-1319, then enter 415081971 Leah Tobey, PT, DPT / Masil George, M.D. 1. Opioids and Falls: Is There a Link? 2. Recognizing and Responding to Suffering For current event dates and times, visit arimpact.uams. edu/speakersbureau. Check back often to see additional topics! Volume 116 • Number 9 MARCH 2020 • 199