The Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society Issue 1 Vol 115 - Page 19

Dr. Harmon updated attendees about what the AMA has been doing on behalf of all physicians and patients. The AMA’s work this past year included dialogue that helped prevent mergers that would have affected patient choices, halting bad policies on the part of insurers, reducing the burden of prior authorization in some states, continued prevention of APRNs and PAs from practicing independently from MDs, and improvement in medical records coordination across systems. “One of us couldn’t do it, but the entire AMA could do it,” summed Dr. Harmon of the AMA as a difference-making organization. For more information about Dr. Harmon’s address or being part of the AMA, contact him at Gerald.harmon@ President-Elect Dennis Yelvington, MD The AMA report was followed by recognition of the 2018-19 president-elect. Accepting his appointment to fill the role, Dennis Yelvington, MD was escorted to the front of the room to speak. After a standing ovation, he said, “I’d like to thank the nominating committee for nominating me, and I humbly accept the challenge.” relevancy of the House of Delegates. Dr. Atiq chaired the committee that also included Drs. Alan Wilson, Scott Cooper, Steve Magie, and Gene Shelby. The following is from Dr. Atiq’s committee report: “As you all know, the House of Delegates is the policymaking body of the AMS, with the Board of Trustees serving as the fiduciary body responsible for the business affairs in between the meetings. The House of Delegates is comprised of past presidents, members of the Board of Trustees, county and specialty society delegates, and any dues-paying member of the AMS. Despite this broad array of representation, the attendance at the House of Delegates has been declining over time. If you look at the attendance since 2009, attendance has gone from 78 down to 40 today. More importantly, [attendance by] the other delegates – those who are not members of the Board of Trustees or past presidents – has gone from 32 in 2009 to 1 today. This trend has been experienced all around the country. There were 14 societies that have done away with their House of Delegates. Addressing those he chose to escort him that day, Dr. Yelvington said, “Dr. Atiq was very influential in helping me become chairman of the board – thank you, Dr. Atiq. Dr. Stallings, for those that don’t know, was my residency director 33 years ago. Not only was he my mentor, he was also my friend. If you get him alone and ask him about our duck and pheasant hunts, he’s a very poor shot. (laughs) I have a lot of respect for the Arkansas Medical Society, and I look forward to this being a year that