The Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society Issue 1 Vol 115 - Page 17

“We are asking you to contribute $500 or more and to ask your colleagues back home to also contribute.” – Dr. Amy Cahill meeting right now. Still, they must report their contribution to this database, and they must list every physician in attendance here today [rather than the Society as a whole]. That’s very misleading. Drs. Lee Archer and Joe Stallings justified in the medical record. If you write too many antibiotics for no reason, that’s excessive,” he said. “And as Dr. Joe Beck used to say, ‘for some patients, one pill is excessive.’ It just depends on what it is.” Wroten shared what the regulation says to those who are prescribing narcotics. “The rule discourages writing over 90 MME, but it doesn’t prohibit it,” he explained. “For those writing more than 50 MME per day for chronic pain, this rule establishes a list of things that must be documented in the medical record. Most are common sense items that you’re already documenting anyway.” Finally, Wroten shared that ASMB is work- ing on a rule requiring one hour of CME on prescribing narcotics each year as part of the already required 20 hours (not in addition to). Misleading Press Relating to Open-Door Contributions Wroten asked members to share their wishes related to recent press that portrayed physicians in a bad light related to contributions from pharmaceutical companies. According to a CMS open-door policy, pharmaceutical companies must report all contributions to physicians and other provider groups to a national database. Such information can prove misleading. As a for instance, Wroten used the hypothetical example of a pharmaceutical company sponsoring our event. “If they were to sponsor our event,” he supposed, “say they decided to give us $300. They have no control over our agenda. They are not speakers. Their exhibits are out in the hall, and they’re not in the room as we’re NUMBER 1 Medical Board Legal Issues? “From time to time, a story comes out that capitalizes on this. Recently, a misleading story by CNN on opioids – it was a national story on money to physicians from opioid manufacturers; there was some relatively accurate reporting in it, talking about money contributed to physicians for research, clinical trials, etc., but then there were blanket statements that insinuated that doctors were getting cash contributions by the thousands. Shortly after this story, a reporter for the Democrat Gazette – not someone I’m familiar with – suggested that 1500 Arkansas doctors were getting money for opioid prescriptions. In the same way, that was very misleading, and we got a few phone calls about it. A couple of folks wondered if we should write an op-ed piece responding to it.” In asking trustees their thoughts on the matter, the consensus was that a carefully constructed rebuttal was a promising idea. The rebuttal should convey the considerable work Arkansas physicians are doing to address the opioid epidemic and show physicians that their Society is responding to poor press and protecting their interests in this way. Wroten agreed to have the Society work up a rebuttal and request that The Arkansas Democrat- Gazette print it. Other matters discussed included concern by physicians over BCBS compensation initiatives. “We just ran an article in The Journal about this, and we’re watching for more from BCBS soon,” said Wroten. “We can’t ignore this. We need to be aware of this and see what we can do to help.” Dr. Scott Ferguson asked trustees also for help and support for his bid as an AMA Board of Trustees member. To help with Ferguson’s campaign, reach him at 870-735-5555 or Call Pharmacist/Attorney Darren O’Quinn 1-800-455-0581 Little Rock, Arkansas More Than Healthcare, Correct Care Solutions. WHO WE ARE CCS is a national public healthcare leader caring for underserved patients in correctional settings, psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment facilities. Opportunities for: Physician Locations throughout Arkansas Full-time, part-time and PRN available Comprehensive Benefits • 401K Tuition Reimbursement Competitive Compensation • So Much More... Empathy Compassion CALL TODAY OR APPLY ONLINE Chris Phillips (615) 844-5513 or email CCS IS PROUDLY AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER JULY 2018 • 17