The Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society Issue 1 Vol 115 - Page 10

HIGHLIGHTS From The Gala Left to right: Bill Archer, Evelyn Deese, Sonya Archer, Susie LaRue, Mike LaRue, Nancy Archer, and Lee Archer, MD. At the President’s Gala that kicked off his tenure as AMS president, Dr. Archer humbly shared with attendees the joy he receives from serving patients, colleagues, and mankind in general. “It’s a blessing to be a doctor and to practice medicine, and it’s a real blessing to have a society like this that helps us look after medicine in Arkansas,” he said. “These guys work hard. David, I’m so proud to have you at the helm leading this Society. It seems flawless the way you guys work. You’ve represented us so well, won so many battles for us in the Legisla- ture. We thank you for that. “It’s a blessing to be able to work with you all, my colleagues. Today, I was driving here, and my wife saw me smiling. She asked, ‘what are you smiling about?’ I said ‘well, I got in an argument yesterday.’ And she said, ‘why would an argument make you smile?’ I said, ‘we were arguing about the best way to treat a patient and we were both very passionate about why we each knew the right thing to do. It was fun to recognize that we were arguing about the wel- fare of somebody else.’” Reflecting on his career and this profession he shares with fellow members, the new leader counted off a few more of his greatest blessings. “The biggest influence in my career has been my wife of 41 years, Nancy Archer. Her love and support has kept me going through the ups and downs, and I would not have accomplished half of what I have done without her,” he said. “I had a great childhood. My siblings and I were raised in a family where our parents encouraged us to do the best we could, to have faith in God, and to treat others with kindness. It was a real blessing to be raised in this family … most important is the blessings of our heavenly father, from whom all blessings flow. I share that with you, and I thank you for tonight.” Lee Archer, MD Medical & Professional Affiliations American Medical Association American Academy of Neurology Arkansas Medical Society Pulaski County Medical Society Pulaski County Medical Exchange Board The Dennis D. Lucy, JR., MD Arkansas Neurological Society University Professors of Neurology and American Neurological Association You may not know that … I once worked on a theory uniting particle physics and relativity. You may be surprised that … I shared a stage with Pavarotti. My first night in New York City was in 1986. Our tour guide was working as an extra at the Metropolitan Opera House. They need- ed another extra and he asked me to help, so I was literally standing on the stage as an extra in the opera “Aida” that night, next to Pavarotti, the famous tenor. Connie Riley with AFMC and Dr. Lee Archer Dr. Archer presents Dr. Cahill with gifts of appreciation for her service. 10 • THE JOURNAL OF THE ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY VOLUME 115