The Journal of mHealth Vol 2 Issue 4 (August) - Page 4

Table of Contents Making Sense of the Data In This Issue 24 Designing mHealth Apps: Five Areas Not to Miss In another addition to our expert network of mobile and digital health leaders we include an article written by Scott Hague (Development Director and Owner of London based Digital Healthcare Agency Integrated Change) discussing essential aspects of UX design that all mHealth developers should consider. 34 Transforming Patient Data into Actionable Insights In this interview we speak to Derek Gordon, General Manager of the Health Information Technology Group at Healthline, about how to harness the potential of structured and unstructured data to improve outcomes, reduce costs and turn patient data into actionable insights. 30 Walking a Fine Regulatory Line: Selling General Purpose IT Equipment for Specific mHealth Applications We continue our series of expert articles on the digital health regulatory landscape, with a discussion by Bradley Merrill-Thompson, of law firm Epstein, Becker & Green, that considers U.S. medical device regulation and the degree to which technology companies can promote their products for medical use without becoming regulated. 2 August 2015