The Journal of mHealth Vol 2 Issue 4 (August) - Page 36

Transforming Patient Data into Actionable Insights Transforming Patient Data into Actionable Insights Interview with Derek Gordon, General Manager of the Health Information Technology Group at Healthline As the healthcare industry continues to shift towards value-based care models it has become critical for healthcare enterprises to move beyond simply collecting patient data. They must really understand that data and use it to better predict patient outcomes and more effectively target interventions. The problem with healthcare information is that it is in so many different sources that it makes it difficult to develop a comprehensive picture of what all the data means. According to IDC Health Insights, more than 80 per cent of today’s health data remains in unstructured formats, such as free-text physician notes, patient histories and hospital admission notes. Having the ability to aggregate and normalise valuable, unstructured information from disparate sources and then combine it with structured data offers the potential for a m ܙH