The Journal of mHealth Vol 2 Issue 4 (August) - Page 3

Editor's Comments Welcome I often get asked whether collecting more and more health data is of genuine use or simply creating so much ‘noise’ that it becomes a distraction? I think that the answer to this is that it can be both. Simply amassing vast volumes of data on patients, conditions, payer information, treatments, etc. that is then stored in databases provides little or no real benefit to a health system and is unlikely, in the long term, to change the way in which health services are provided. Conversely, when used in a logical, analytical and integrated fashion then large volumes of data actually have the potential to significantly transform the way in which modern health services are provided. Bringing together multiple data sources and allowing that data to be shared, analysed and truly understood so that actionable insights may be derived, makes the process of data-driven healthcare a valuable proposition! Appropriate analysis of data can deliver key insights exactly when they are needed, and in ways that fit within care pathways and working practices. It can also drive changes in behaviour, by suggesting changes based upon historical trends as well as real-time fluctuations in collected data. Properly integrated into workflows data begins to promote changes in culture that ultimately lead to improved outcomes and efficiencies. Technology on its own though is only part of the equation. There is considerable talk about right patient, right treatment, and right time and by failing to integrate and present insights in ways that are intuitive and easily applied to existing workflows, treatment plans, patient care pathways and operational activities often means that the real potential benefits are not fully realised. Mobilising data has revolutionised many industries and we are now really beginning to see this in healthcare. True, it is not without its challenges and problems. But, we can already see many different projects, products and services that are placing the right data in the hands of the healthcare professionals, patients, and those users that really need particular information, at exactly the right time to make it useful and actionable. In this issue we include articles that discuss the data question from a variety of perspectives. We consider: practicalities of data management and data analysis, design, user experience, and challenges. Above all we present exemplar cases of where, and how, health and medical data is being used in truly innovative and meaningful ways. And, how the impact of mobile technology is allowing that data to be shared and utilised across organisations and by users throughout the healthcare ecosystem. Also as a quick mention, we have been really pleased to see how rapidly The Journal of mHealth audience and network has grown, and in response to this we are excited to be announcing a number of new services, that will become available over the next couple of months . Designed to improve your reading experience as well as give you access to leading knowledge, expert advice and tools – these services aim to ensure that you remain at the cutting edge of the mobile, digital and connected health industry. Published by Simedics Limited Editor: Matthew Driver Design: Jennifer Edwards For editorial, research and paper submissions, and advertising opportunities please contact: Matthew Driver +44 (0) 1756 709605 Subscribe at The editor welcomes contributions for The Journal of mHealth. Submissions can be sent to the editor by email, images and graphics should be submitted in high resolution format. The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily shared by the editors nor publishers. Although the highest level of care has been taken to ensure accuracy the publishers do not accept any liability for omissions or errors or claims made by contributors or advertisers, neither do we accept liability for damage or loss of unsolicited contributions. The publishers exercise the right to alter and edit any material supplied. This publication is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in part or in full without specific written permission of the publishers. ISSN 2055-270X © 2015 Simedics Limited Matthew Driver Editor The Journal of mHealth 1