The Journal of mHealth Vol 2 Issue 4 (August) | Page 31

Real-Time Clinical Information Platform Driving Improved Outcomes of strict drug regimens, however the complexity and potency of prescribed drugs often leads to a range of side effects. As a result, patients sometimes struggle to stay motivated, forget to take their prescriptions and see a lapse in the accurate recording of side effects. As soon as a patient experiences a negative reaction they can record their symptoms using the smartwatch and the data is sent instantly and securely to doctors using the Medopad platform. This delivers a number of powerful outcomes. Doctors can adjust drug regimens in real-time to provide even greater levels of proactive care and patients are provided chemotherapy treatment tailored specifically to them. Furthermore, connecting patients directly to doctors reduces side effect-related visits to hospitals, which in turn alleviates the pressures on medical staff and the associated financial costs. Dr Rich Khatib, CEO at Medopad, said, “The latest statistics show one in every two people are expected to experience cancer during their lifetime. It is clear that treatment and patient monitoring must improve if we are to continue our global fight against cancer. Our easy-to-use Apple Watch application transforms how patients monitor their illnesses on a daily basis. Individuals can directly contribute to their own treatment regimens