The Introducer Volume 6 | Page 21

Here are a few we see in this issue. We'll post more in the blog later.

Njideka Harry and Annie Udofa share the same birth country as well as similar missions to help women in Nigeria obtain education and employment, thus boosting local economies. They should discuss their funding paths, partnerships, and possibly consider how they might collaborate or support one another's efforts.

Vandana Arcot and Vithika Yadav have a mutual interest in HIV/AIDS prevention and programs for victims in India. Vithika may be able to connect with Vandana's contacts with whom she worked in India for potential collaboration.

I've already connected Annie Udofa and Monique Wells who share an avid interest in travel/culture education, and are both working on travel programs for youth.

Networking and creating introductions between those creating impact for the purpose of expanding that impact is what we're all about. If you create your own connection with a game changer, please let us know to help us track our own impact. Email here.

Game changer in this issue, Bridget Edwards, has made available a free downloadable excerpt from her book, Stress Gone! You can access it here.


Introductions to the types of contacts you want/need to meet to increase your impact, along with professional visibility enhancement for your work, and insights on leveraging your connections from Simon T. Bailey (Success Magazine Top 25 Most Inspiring Speakers). The most unique League of it's kind, and we're only inviting up to 10 per group in specific areas of impact every 6 weeks. Consider it and let us hear from you. First League starts in May.


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