The Introducer Volume 5 - Page 4

The Introducer is connecting for

big impact. This past month:

- Introductions made = 20

- Linkedin post views for game

changers and still growing = 5,352

-Viewers of Introducer content are from 122 countries.

- Over 1,400 spotlight views with an average spend time for the magazine at 9 minutes. Every time a new issue is released, back issues get more views, so the numbers continually grow.

Most interesting connection

to happen recently for game changers is:

Chance Glenn, PhD, Founder & Pres. of Morningbird Media Corp. (featured as a game changer in Issue # 3) and autonomous_ID (Todd Gray, who is to be featured in an upcoming issue of The Introducer) have created a partnership. Congratulations to them both. Details here.

Mary Kurek

Editor's Note