The Introducer Volume 5 - Page 20

Here are a few we see in this issue. For the entire list,

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LAURIE LANE-ZUCKER & ARTHUR BAVELAS for a conversation around impact investing. Also, he and KEVIN D. JONES should connect as Kevin uses "Neighborhood Economics" as a means of funding economic impact projects and Laurie wants economies to be defined by their impact, promoting place-based impact investing.

PAOLO SIRONI & CHANCE GLENN as Paolo wants to talk with university leaders regarding innovation in finance and technology. Chance is a University professor whose innovations with 3D printing scored him a deal with NASA and recently landed him a partnership with another highly innovative firm, autonomous_ID.

KATYA DOROZHKINA & OSAMA HASHMI need to chat about accelerator programs and how Osama's exponential thinking process might benefit the founders in the Starta program.

Networking and creating introductions between those creating impact for the purpose of expanding that impact is what we're all about. If you create your own connection with a game changer, please let us know to help us track our own impact. Email here.

Since many of you are involved in Smart Cities or economic development work – here are a few words about financing Smart Cities projects from Jesse Berst, Chairman, Smart Cities Council.

“Smart Cities start with smart procurement. All over the world, cities are developing improved ways to finance and procure smart technologies. On the finance side, cities are looking at green bonds and public/private partnerships, including methods that are revenue neutral or even revenue positive. On the procurement side, cities are using master contracts (often from the state or federal government) as well as "outcome-based" procurement. In the latter case, the cities specify what they want to achieve -- with strict quality standards -- and let the vendors decide the best way to achieve that goal.”

Smart Cities Week,  North America's leading  smart city event, offers sessions on financing and procurement, whereby cities can learn from their peers what's working.

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