The Introducer Volume 4 - Page 41

Let’s get to it! Right off, I can see that Hugo Balta and Roman Gabriel should connect. The reason for that would be that Hugo works for ESPN and Roman has been interviewing legendary athletes on American Family Radio for years and does a Super Bowl broadcast annually. Roman has recently started a media outlet of his own and is looking for content development. Hugo has interest and experience in diversity and inclusion and states that he’d like to network with media outlets that could be open to content development in his topics. And, Hugo might connect with George Navadel, currently on diplomatic service to India (New Delhi) but, George is a professional pitching coach. Wherever in the world he ends up on assignment, he always works with kids’ baseball and creates winners. And, of course, Jen Welter (first female NFL Coach).

Stephen Clarke and Rebecca Mackenzie should meet for coffee and talk food. Rebecca runs the Culinary Tourism Alliance in out of Toronto, Canada. Rebecca also consults with communities to help them improve their economies through developing culinary tourism and authentic taste opportunities. Stephen operates a social enterprise that feeds the hungry (100k a month in Canada). If they’ve not already met (Stephen is also in Toronto), they should maybe talk about a creative collaboration or, at minimum, a sharing of contacts to membership groups and potential sponsors.

Quinton Charles Scholes, who wishes to meet with thought leaders (all sectors) should talk with Peter Tan who speaks frequently on the whole industrial chain of hemp, particularly medicinal uses. Peter and his colleagues have declared the first hemp-extracted medicine to treat epilepsy. Quinton should also connect with Andrew Raupp who founded and Osama Hashmi who is currently traveling across several countries talking about innovation thinking. By the way, Quinton, you and Stephen Clarke share a similar feeling about the lack of accountability with some NGOs.

Osama Hashmi who has been hired by a community in California to help solve their homeless problem should talk with Stephen Clarke about his social enterprise that feeds the hungry and supports homeless shelters. Osama needs to connect with Or Haviv in Israel, as Osama wants to meet with leaders of start-up ecosystems and incubators. Also, Joanne Fedeyko would be a great contact, as she is the liaison between Silicon Valley and Canada’s start-up community. Stephen King would be another interesting contact, as he is immersed in United Nations goals and has interest in meeting the same accelerator contacts. (Stephen should know that Osama has been mentoring in one in the US for a while.)

Kim Lawe, by now, I’m sure has already connected with Andrew Raupp of and Tom Weeks of Education Funding Partners, but, she should also meet Shwetal Shah whose aim is to help girls learn to code. She also created a documentary on women in tech that got the attention of the United Nations.

Shwetal Shah should connect with Darryl Hughes because he’s setting up a game development lab for kids in the Chicago area to help them learn real life skills. Shwetal works for an award-winning serious game developer. A conversation with Raya Bidshahri about her Awecademy could be useful, as they are both young social entrepreneurs and working to help youth. And, because Shwetal says she’d like to talk to conference planners, perhaps connecting with Nola Paterni would be good idea. Nola would like to know about her, if she doesn’t already. I hear Shwetal’s a great speaker.

Nick Busietta might also like to connect with Osama Hashmi, as Osama is Founder/CEO of a software firm and understands and promotes tech for good. Also, Nick might want to check out Nola Paterni’s SwitchPoint conference, as it brings innovators together on a lot of sectors, but, centers on global health. Nick’s VR projects that impact health care and wellness seem to fit. Osama might also check in with Nola.

Alana Lea and Cameron Brown have already connected briefly thanks to a quick intro, but their mutual interest and advocacy for climate change and the wellness of our planet is dynamic. Both should connect with Nola Paterni for the same reason Nick and Osama should. Also, because Cameron has interest in sustainability and Smart Cities contacts, he and Stephen King might connect.

Stephen King says he’d like to network with government officials and trade association chiefs. Okey Enyia is a Management Analyst with the US Dept. of Health and Human Services and just started his own consultancy. He’s worked in Congress and serves on some major public health committees. Also, since Stephen wants to meet with trade association leaders and Stephen Clarke also has that interest, they might compare contacts. Stephen might check in with Or Haviv, to chat about his start-up tech hub. Stephen states he’d like to network with those types.

We could go on for another page or two with opportunities we see, but we’re running out of space. To find the previous Game Changers referred to here, visit The Introducer Newsstand where back issues are stored.