The Introducer Volume 4 - Page 4

The Introducer is connecting for

big impact. This past month:

-43 introductions made

-11,620 Linkedin post views for game

changers and still growing

-3,000 spotlight views and here's a few connections that have happened...

*Game changer from Africa in this issue has just moved to the city of a game changer in the last issue. They are connected because of mutual interests in global issues and the potential of collaboration on expanding visibility in Africa for a global conference in the US.

*Game changer from last issue, one from this issue, and one coming up in a future issue are connected because of mutual interests in diversity. The upcoming game changer from India has an online platform regarding relationships that has spread to some Latin American areas, but, connecting with a Hispanic game changer could move it further. Her program also hits on LGBT issues which gels with the work of a game changer from the last issue, who is also in India.

*Game changer from last issue has a conversation with exactly the type of networking contact she needed for feedback on her medical research platform. That contact wrote a blog posting about her platform promoting it on a popular site to other chronic illness sufferers.

Mary Kurek

Editor's Note