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centric training that provides real world skills. Drumroll/Erase All Kittens won the MIT Solve Challenge recently , basing their application on the game, Erase All Kittens, the first game to inspire young girls to code using practical languages. Sixty out of nearly a thousand applicants worldwide were selected as finalists to pitch in New York, under the categories of “Women and Technology”, “Brain Health”, “Sustainable Urban Communities” and “Youth, Skills, and Workforce of the Future.” The game has been showered with accolades such as the European Youth Awards, the Regional Award for ‘Best Tech Startup’ at Talent Unleashed (judges included Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak), and the World Summit Awards - Young Innovators. Not a bad start for a new company. They are planning on launching a “Mario”-style iPad version of the game in 2018 along with pilot programs in refugee camps. Their Kickstarter campaign, according to Shwetal, finishes soon and there’s still more fundraising that needs to happen to meet goals. Building social capital along the way is critical, and nobody knows that better than Shwetal.

The opportunity to be sponsored into the work environment in the UK is very much appreciated by Shwetal, who uses her spare time to do things like create documentaries on women in tech, something that caught the attention of the UN and resulted in her being named a 2017 Empower Women Champion. She organizes networking dinners with diversity in mind, and takes advantage of every leadership opportunity that she finds. Recently, she became connected with a woman who builds schools in disadvantaged areas and has been working with the Ministry of Education in India to explore building a school in Mumbai.

In case you need to be reminded…twenty-five years old! She’s changing the game for girls because she’s changing the age at which one can create significant impact.


-Brand representatives and professionals in or interested in the education sector- looking at alternative forms of education, using tech for good, helping disadvantaged kids around the world.

-People working on conferences that are more accessible than some other elitist conferences for young people to attend.

-Social entrepreneurs empowering young people.

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