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What you should pay attention to in Quinton’s last job title above is the word “strategy.” It doesn’t take five minutes in conversation with this game changer to understand he is an analytical planner. For more than ten years, he has managed sales bureaus and developed growth strategies in emerging markets for the first and most powerful business media brand in Africa, Africa Business News.

Quinton started his career with CNBC Africa/Africa Business News upon its debut in 2007 in Sandton, Johannesburg; a media platform that remains the first and only pan-African real-time financial and business network. His sales and management abilities continued to move him up the ladder to the role that now includes overseeing International Business Development (Americas) for Forbes Africa.

If you review Quinton’s entire body of work, you’d count eighteen years in media, with some of that time spent as an entrepreneur and stakeholder in a multimedia marketing firm. So, it’s no stretch that Quinton would take all that experience and all his international contacts, move to another country, and start his own media company. That’s what he’s doing now.

As of 1st December, 2017, Quinton is the founder and CEO of Africa Media Company, a Seychelles-registered (now, US headquartered) corporation that

already has clients waiting for him to take over their media and networking

events. Think World Bank and the Mastercard Foundation. He is an advisor (and the Marketing Director: North Carolina) to the Africa Business Portal to produce monthly virtual business educational events that hit subjects less covered in areas of Africa, like fintech, health care, agriculture and education. The huge database owned by the Portal will advance entrepreneurship and improve decision making for thousands of African business leaders in need of updated information on international business trends.

Quinton’s talent in media strategy will also help those international brands who wish a presence in the African marketplace. He’s created an important content-delivery solution that could make a difference to economies throughout Africa.

While building a new company is hot on his mind, the thing that pulls Quinton from his business comfort zone is his interest in solving a problem he sees with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). He has served as an advisory board member for a humanitarian effort that focuses on alleviating hunger and has consulted for Change the World Trust, which centers on education initiatives for disadvantaged youth. Both are organizations of good faith, but, in Quinton’s opinion, there are too many NGOs that aren’t as accountable as they should be about how contributions are processed and distributed. He feels, particularly, in Africa, there should be a better “scorecard” on where financial support lands inside these organizations, and he has the desire to help create the vehicle to solve that problem. With his background, reach, and connections with international brands, one would say he has the influence for impact.


(United States/Africa)

CEO & Founder, Africa Media Company

Marketing Director & Business Advisor, Africa Business Portal

Director, International Business Development & Strategy, Africa Business News (CNBC Africa & Forbes Africa)