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Introduce Me

Osama and his team are preparing an 8-week program based on the principles in the book that he’s sharing around globe right now. Having been a mentor in Founder Academy for over a year, he’s already seen first-hand how his innovation thinking program can make a difference. Founder Academy's Spring 2018 program is entirely focused on innovation-thinking based on that course, and several startup ecosystems around the world are interested in adopting it by Fall of the next year. Until then, if you are involved in the spaces mentioned in this spotlight or affiliated with an incubator/accelerator program somewhere in the world, you may be able to meet Osama in person. His tour is going to take him through Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, and perhaps Australia and Ecuador before heading back to the United States. There’s nothing like personal inspiration to begin change, and nothing like the present to get started


- People leading local startup ecosystems with events, incubators, and accelerators to discuss how to bring innovation-thinking to those communities.

-People interested in supporting social-impact innovation to work together to solve some of the large sustainability problems around the world.

-Companies solving complex sustainability or futurist challenges that we could help with.