The Introducer Volume 4 - Page 23

If you read Osama’s profile on Linkedin right now, you’d assume him to be a smart businessman with strong development skills and unbounded creativity. You’d have to meet him to realize his passion for finding solutions to social impact problems. What you see on the Mocha 7 web site is a list of brand clients like Dr. Pepper, Segway, Skyla, and Google Tech, along with an impressive logo display of major business media with whom they’ve worked their PR magic. What you don’t see is that Osama was hired to provide new solutions to the homeless problem in Sacramento, or that he’s been working for the last few years to help companies, governments, and start-ups to refocus their thinking methodology to solve big problems. The methodology is what Osama calls “innovation thinking,” and he’s written a book ( to teach the process that has helped him build strong innovation cultures that produced award-winning tech companies.

Right now, Osama is on a multi-country tour, sharing innovation thinking principles with stakeholders in Smart Cities, inclusive growth, and new tech spaces, along with those working on United Nations goals. He has concerns about sustainability in the world and how start-up ecosystems need to be alerted and prepared. And, he believes that the response to these problems should involve ramping innovative solutions and lighting up the investment landscape…basically boosting the start-up cycle.


(United States)

Founder & Chairman, Mocha 7 Studio

Founder, CEO & Product Architect, CDF Software

Author, Innovation Thinking Methods

Mentor, Founder Academy